The effects of natural hazards such as earthquake and hurricane can have devastating consequences for commercial facilities around the world.

Such issues create considerable challenges for organizations that are committed to reducing risk exposure to physical damage and business interruption.






eS21 engineering & structures provides a comprehensive service to assist managers in understanding their exposure and to implement risk reduction measures.




risk reduction

eS21 engineering & structures typically recommends a three-phase flexible framework for risk reduction for a specific facility.

Where a critical facility has not been previously identified, eS21 also provides a rapid cost-effective ranking service that can be used as a management tool to prioritize those facilities requiring areas for more detailed review.

The three phases of a typical Natural Hazard Risk Reduction Program are:

  1. Desktop study to assess hazard intensity, site survey to identify vulnerabilities and estimation of probable maximum losses

  2. Detailed evaluation of critical buildings, development of strengthening options and cost-benefit study

  3. Implementation of selected strengthening schemes


Each of the three phases can be tailored to suit a client's individual needs