European Aluminium in Renovation Award

Munich/Paris- The European Aluminium in Renovation Award, to run throughout 2007 involved 15 European countries, a series of national competitions and a European final rewarding the most innovative and sustainable uses of aluminium in building renovation.

Significant use of aluminium, contemporary design, life cycle thinking, energy efficiency, socio-economic impact and added value to the original building were taken into account.

An independent jury consisting of experts on architecture, technology and media judged the nominated projects. 47 Nominees from 7 Regional competitions covering 16 countries were judged;

eS21 wins Special Prize Cladding & Roofing for the engineering of aluminium light weight shells applied at the pre-stressed-concrete king pins of BMW Headquarter Tower, Munich, Germany

Design challenges were

  • Large-format cladding, very low structural weight, high structural stiffness

  • Inspectability of prestressed concrete – cladding removable at any time

  • Site at a height of 100 m under difficult installation conditions

  • Extremely tight time schedule

  • High degree of precision, automation of the manufacturing using welding robots


eS21 Solution:
Rib shells at only 20 kg/m² with bi-directional curvature like 3D free-form
shape such as in car body manufacturing but significantly larger

From the Jury Report:
„This refurbishment shows an innovative way to use aluminium. It is an intelligent cladding, completely prefabricated and put into position in a very short time.“