eS21 engineering & structures provides a wide range of analysis services for the design and assessment of structures, components and fluids. Services cover Linear, Non-Linear Static and Dynamic Analysis methods.

Multi-disciplined engineers of eS21 have extensive experience in the practical application of advanced simulation techniques and are focused on providing real engineering answers to the most challenging problems.




analysis services

eS21 engineering & structures' comprehensive range of services cover both simplified and advanced engineering analysis for normal and extreme loads

  • Structural stress analysis for design and assessment

  • Ultimate strength and collapse analysis

  • Seismic analysis using response spectra or time history approaches

  • Fire and blast analysis

  • Low and high speed impact and collision assessment

  • Vibration analysis

  • Industrial Aero- and Fluiddynamics

  • Soil-structure interaction

  • Fluid-structure interaction

  • Fracture mechanics