eS21 engineering & structures provides a wide range of services for structural integrity assessments aimed at evaluating the adequacy of structures and equipment.

Assessments are carried out under the provisions of Codes of Practice, Standards and Guidance Documents, or using advanced methods that go beyond codes to make a demonstration of fitness-for-purpose. 




eS21 engineering & structures offers a comprehensive range of both simplified and advanced services including

  • Code of Practice and Standards compliance

  • Fatigue, fracture, and defect assessment

  • Materials testing and specification

  • Development and management of maintenance programs

  • Inspection scheduling

  • Risk- and probability-based assessments

  • Monitoring of structures

  • Life expectancy assessment

  • Lifespan extension

  • Load capacity evaluation

  • Life-cost benefit analysis of replacement and repair

  • Designs for strengthening and remedition works

  • Condition reports

  • Asset management systems

  • Progressive-collapse risk analysis and reduction